Borderline products and conflicts with medicinal products legislation (FS vs. HMP)

What distinguishes food supplements from medicinal products?
Why do conflicts with medicinal products legislation occur?
What can food supplement manufacturers do to avoid such conflicts?

Food supplements are regulated in the European Union (EU) under food law, and the controls and rules with which food supplement products must comply are different to those that regulate medicines. Theoretically, therefore, there is a clear divide between food supplements and medicinal products. However, in practice, conflicts can arise when some products appear too close to, or across, the borderline between food law and medicines law. The issue is complicated by the fact that this borderline is not static across the EU, but appears to vary between Member States. Difficulties can therefore occur if a food business operator is trading food supplement products across numerous Member States. What types of conflicts arise, and what food business operators can do to reduce or avoid such conflicts occurring, will be covered in the presentation.